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Win Our Best of Pinterest: Valentine’s Dessert Box!!!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Treats from WhatMollyMade

Who makes your life sweet? Want a special way to thank them?

Enter to win one of our favorite Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

  • Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Treats from WhatMollyMade

One winner will receive our Best of Pinterest: Valentine’s Day Dessert Box a beautifully designed gift box, filled with irresistible brownies and cookie bars from our featured baking blog,!

What’s inside:
GIANT Bars & Brownies (3×3 inch squares of sweet decadence):
  • 2 Raspberry Crumb Cake Bars from WhatMollyMade

rich butter cake layered with raspberries and a generous helping of cinnamon streusel

  • 2 Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores Bars from WhatMollyMade

chocolate chip cookie bars, filled with graham cracker crumbles and fluffy marshmallow filling

  • Four Layer Caramel Nougat Brownie from WhatMollyMade

4 layers of sweet decadence: fudgie brownie base, rich caramel-pretzel filling, peanut butter-marshmallow nougat layer, and decadent chocolate ganache

  • Red Velvet Bar with Cream Cheese White Fudge Frosting

rich red velvet layered with decadent cream cheese fudge frosting

  • Double Decker Nutella Fudge Brownie

chocolatey Nutella brownies crowned with a thick layer of Nutella fudge

  • 2 Double Dark Chocolate Brownies

dark chocolate fudge brownies with Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips


Our Best of Pinterest: Valentine’s Day Dessert Box is our biggest offering, with 5 lbs of irresistible goodies! Every delectable treat inside is baked in small batches, with quality ingredients and lots of love! And want to know the sweetest part? We donate 10% of net profits to World Vision and Disabled American Veterans- two charities that are making this world a sweeter place!

To enter, complete the entry form below (it only takes 30 seconds!). From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and the best of luck in this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

No purchase is necessary to enter or to win. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents 18 years and older. The giveaway will run until 11:59 pm EST February 7, 2017. One winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted via the provided email address. Odds depend on the number of eligible entries received.


Valentines Day Presents & Gift Ideas 2017


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Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas and Gifts for Foodies

Valentines Day Foodie Gifts-Toaster Pops


Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas and Gifts for Foodies

We love Valentine’s Day. A day devoted to love is a beautiful thing.

If we’re being completely honest, though, that’s not the only reason we love Valentine’s Day. We really love the food that this day inspires. Chocolate, red velvet cake, desserts galore. It’s a dream-come-true for us and our fellow foodies.

That’s why we’re bringing you our Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas and Gifts for Foodies. We were going to make this the “Top 20 Valentines Day Ideas and Gifts for Foodies,” but we got distracted by #10. Hey, when you see it, we don’t think you’ll blame us 🙂

Valentines Day Foodie Gifts-Toaster Pops
Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma

Did you love Pop-Tarts as a kid? Us too. And while those saccharin rectangles of hardshell frosting and dense pie crust will forever make our five-year-old-selves smile, there’s a new toaster pastry in town. Specifically, in Los Angeles. The creative culinary minds at Cake Monkey have come up with a serious upgrade for this genre of treats. And this Valentine’s Day, they’re bringing one of our favorite Valentines day ideas to life: heart shaped gourmet toaster pastries. They come in flavors like Apple Crumble, which is filled with cider-roasted Pink Lady and Granny Smith apples and topped with crumbly streusel and rich caramel. The best part? They arrive ready to pop in the toaster, just like our beloved Pop-Tarts.

8 Toaster Pastries | $63 at Williams Sonoma


Valentines Day Ideas-Heart Bundt Pan
Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma

Sometimes it feels like there’s an overwhelming number of Valentines Day ideas for bakers. But we found one that’s our favorite!! Well, technically this is two gifts, but we think they make a lovely duo. The heart-shaped bundt pan has beautiful scalloped edges that add an elegant flair to the sometimes humble bundt cake. And the Red Velvet Molten Chocolate Bundt Cake Mix is decadent beyond belief. It’s full of rich cocoa and real buttermilk, and will taste out-of-this-world adorned with cream cheese. This is one of our favorite foodie gifts because it has both instant gratification (how could red velvet molten chocolate bundt cake not be gratifying?) and a sweet keepsake that your loved one can enjoy for years to come.

$34 for Two Cake Mixes, $36 Bundt Cake Pan | At Williams Sonoma


Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

Does your sweetheart spend hours on Pinterest, scrolling through and pinning one irresistible recipe after the next? Then this gift has their name written all over it!
Our Best of Pinterest: Valentine’s Dessert Box  is filled to the brim with splurge-worthy treats from the best baking blogs, including some of the most popular desserts on Pinterest. GIANT brownies and cookie bars in not-so-traditional flavors – like Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores, Four Layer Caramel Nougat Brownie, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Fudge Frosting, and more – will definitely make their hearts smile & taste buds rejoice. Plus, 10% of net profits from every sale go to charities like World Vision and Disabled American Veterans.
So go ahead. Send your loved ones a box full of the goodies they’ve been eyeing on Pinterest, but haven’t quite gotten around to baking 🙂

5lb box of Best of Pinterest: Valentines Day Dessert Box | $35 at Sweeten the Day

*Full Disclosure: the Best of Pinterest: Valentine’s Day Dessert Box is our featured gift. We believe 110% that it’s worthy of the top 10 foodie gifts 🙂


Valentines Day Ideas-La Maison du Chocolat from Paris
Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma

Paris has exported many a-beautiful-thing: high-fashion, macaroons, wine, cheese… But our favorite export? The decadent chocolate novelties from La Maison du Chocolat. This institution’s claim to fame is their house-blended chocolates, created from cacao beans that have been sourced from around the world. Their Valentines Day ideas and sweet treats run the gamut from incredibly yummy to beyond your wildest dreams. In the latter category is their hat box filled with milk and dark chocolate pralines, chocolate squares, assorted Avelinas (hazelnuts enrobed in chocolate), their signature Twigs collection gift box, and even more chocolate pralines. Every ounce of chocolate is a journey to epicurean paradise.
Is it expensive? Yes. But if visiting Paris is not on your list of feasible Valentines Day ideas, this is the next best thing.

1 lb 4 oz of Parisian Chocolate | $135 at Williams Sonoma


Valentines Day Gift Guide-Kate Spade Pancake Set
Photo Credit: Kate Spade
Foodie Gifts-Best Pancake Mix and Waffle Mix
Photo Credit: Southern Culture Foods

We love the sweet simplicity and delightful whimsy of this pancake set from Kate Spade. The thought of heart-shaped pancakes is enough to make us swoon. And when you pair that with decadent pancake flavors, like Strawberry Shortcake, Salted Bourbon Pecan, Meyer Lemon Blueberry, and Peach Cobbler, let’s just say breakfast-in-bed may become a legitimate excuse for tardiness 🙂

3 Piece Pancake Set | $25 at Kate Spade
4-Pack Shortstacks Pancake & Waffle Mix | $35 Southern Culture Foods


Valentines Day Ideas - Carolines Cakes
Photo Credit: Caroline’s Cakes

If you’re a foodie like us, nothing says, “I love you,” quite like a piece of cake. And a whole cake? Well that just takes it to another level.

Caroline’s Cakes has been baking up traditional Southern style cakes for the past decade. They come in decadent flavors like Salted Caramel, 7 Layer Coconut Cloud, and 7 Layer Traditional Spice Cake. And while they offer Valentines Day ideas on their menu, like Valentine’s Day Caramel Cake and Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cake, our favorite pick among their foodie gifts is the 7 Layer Southern Chocolate Cake. It’s seven layers of rich, buttery yellow cake, with creamy chocolate ganache and traditional Southern chocolate fudge icing. It makes our taste buds dance just thinking about it!

9” cake | $60 at Caroline’s Cakes


Valentines Day Gift Guide-Kate Spade Coffee Mug
Photo Credit: Kate Spade
Valentines Day Gift Guide-Sprinkles Cupcakes
Photo Credit: Sprinkles Cupcakes

We couldn’t help but include another Kate Spade gift on our list of Valentines Day ideas, especially when it’s as cute as this! “Eat cake for breakfast” is a worthy mantra for any foodie. Plus, this sweet and simple coffee mug becomes even sweeter when you pair it with a Sprinkles gift card. Now your sweetheart can really eat cake for breakfast 🙂

Breakfast Mug | $20 at Kate Spade
Sprinkles Cupcake Card | Any Amount at Sprinkles


Valentines Day Gift Guide-Best Cookies in the US
Photo Credit: Levain Bakery

The cookies at Levain Bakery are the stuff of legends. Crisp on the outside, and delectably soft and chewy on the inside, these cookies are reason enough to visit New York City. If you and your Valentine can’t make it to the Big Apple, there’s good news: you can now order these monuments of all things sweet and satisfying online.

4 Cookies | $27 at Levain Bakery


Valentines Day Gift Guide-Best Homemade Marshmallows
Photo Credit: Sweet Lydia’s

In our book, no Valentines Day gift guide would be complete without a generous helping of nostalgia. That’s where Sweet Lydia’s comes in. They’ve reimagined campfire s’mores by sandwiching melt-in-your-mouth homemade marshmallows between delectable gourmet graham crackers, and drenching everything in a generous coating of decadent chocolate. From Toasted Coconut to Raspberry S’mores, these foodie gifts are not your run-of-the-mill treats.

While we eyed a lot of splurge-worthy Valentines Day ideas at Sweet Lydia’s, our favorite is the “A Lot S’more of Everything” gift box. This box of joy arrives with 5 bags of their handcrafted marshmallows, 6 different chocolate-covered s’mores, 6 gourmet candy creations, a box of chocolate salted caramel, and a bag of sweet & salty toffee.

$103 | Available at Sweet Lydia’s


Foodie Gifts- The Best Donuts in the US
Photo Credit: Paula’s Donuts/ Amanda Badgley Designs
Valentines Day Gift Guide-Best Donuts in America
Photo Credit: Paula’s Donuts/ Amanda Badgley Designs

Chocolate Frosted Angel Cream. Key Lime Pie. Strawberry Shortcake. Each is an amazing dessert in its own right, but when it becomes a donut? Magical.
And that’s what Paula’s Donuts churns out every day from its sweet little shop in Buffalo, New York. Each morsel of deep-fried, sugar coated decadence is so good that it’s become a siren call for foodies… even Alton Brown (the host of “Good Eats”) has been spotted here.
If this is at the top of your list for Valentines Day ideas, we have some good news for you: you don’t have to trek through snow-covered Buffalo to devour one of Paula’s donuts.

They ship donuts throughout the US, but you have to call them to place an order. What can we say? We’ll take a good old-fashioned landline any day if that means we get good old-fashioned donuts 🙂

Prices Vary | Available at Paula’s Donuts

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A New Year Resolution List You’ll Actually Want to Keep

A New Year Resolution List You'll Actually Want to Keep in 2017

A New Year Resolution List You'll Actually Want to Keep in 2017

A New Year Resolution List You’ll Actually Want to Keep

Our list of fun, joy-inspiring new year goals!

New year’s resolutions usually involve deprivation and the overriding idea that we’re not enough (fit enough, disciplined enough, etc). That’s why we’ve ditched the idea of “New Year New You.” You’re already awesome, so in 2017 it’s all about, “New Year True You.” Each new year resolution is meant to draw out the amazing, unique, and irreplaceable person you are…the true you that makes this world a sweeter place!

We hope with all of our hearts that these new year goals will spark joy, up the fun-factor in your life, and inspire you to love being you. There’s a big, beautiful life in store for you. Get out there and enjoy it. You are worth it!

Wishing you your best, brightest, and sweetest year yet,

Your friends at Sweeten the Day - Desserts Delivered

New Year Resolution #1: Laugh every day – no exceptions!

Laughter is the best medicine. Scientific research has shown that laughter reduces levels of stress hormones, can lower blood pressure, and boost your immune system. Plus, laughter is just plain fun. So go ahead and laugh out loud!

New Year Resolution #2: Daydream More

Carve out time to actively daydream (even 5 minutes is great!). Dare to imagine new possibilities and visualize what your life can be. Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it,” so take some time to dream!!!

New Year Resolution #3: Appreciate Every Amazing Thing Your Body Does

Did you know there are more nerve cells in your body than stars in the Milky Way? And that, on average, our hearts beat 115,200 times per day? Our bodies are amazing! Instead of obsessing about the perfect figure, one of our top new year goals is to appreciate the magnificent function of our bodies. Every breath and every movement is gift! #functionoverform

New Year Resolution #4: Be a Kid Again

What were some of your favorite things to do as a kid? Did you spend summers playing kickball, while-away afternoons with arts & crafts, or spin whimsical tales of far-off lands? Reintroduce one of those beloved childhood activities to your life and savor the sweet joy that comes with it! (Tell us how you’re being a kid again with the hashtags: #TBT and #SweetentheDay)

New Year Resolution #5: Make Kindness Part of Your Routine

Practicing kindness is about more than random acts. It’s part of who you are and how you engage with the world. Are you kind to others when it’s inconvenient or undeserved? Are you kind to yourself? This one new year resolution will transform your life as you become intentional about being kind.

New Year Resolution #6: If Something Goes Wrong, Shake It Off!

Let the little things go. Whether you’re dealing with a rude driver or a longer-than-usual line at the grocery store, don’t trade in your joy for frustration. Hold on to your happiness and shake off the rest!

New Year Resolution #7: Savor Every Bite

Enjoy what you eat! If you’re noshing on veggies, add a super yummy dip (we love pesto and hummus!). If you’re having a delectable dessert, enjoy every gob-smacking bite! You’ve got a lot of amazing dreams to go after this year, so fill you plate with foods that feed your soul and nourish your body.

New Year Resolution #8: If Something Goes Right, Celebrate It!

This year, become your own cheerleader! Celebrate every success and good decision, no matter how small. Consistently recognizing small victories makes you more resilient in the face of little setbacks and failures. So, keep your pom-poms at the ready!

New Year Resolution #9: Explore a New City

This is a fun one. Whether it’s halfway around the globe or just an hour’s drive, a new city has a way of awakening our sense of adventure. Discover the local art scene, visit some landmarks, taste the flavors of the city…Simply explore a new place with a sense of wonder and delight. Going to new places and seeing things with fresh eyes can carry over into our everyday lives, and allow us to see ourselves and our circumstances with a fresh perspective.

New Year Resolution #10: Share Your Time and Talents

You are an incredibly gifted person with unique life experiences. Don’t let that go to waste. Share your life experiences and skills in meaningful ways. Whether you volunteer at soup kitchen or mentor kids at a local school, you can make a world of difference one life at a time.

New Year Resolution #11: Read a book just for fun

Remember when reading was fun? Even if you have to go back to the days of picture books and fairytales, there was likely a time that you actually enjoyed reading. Rediscover the joy of exploring new worlds, ideas, and possibilities through the written word. It doesn’t matter what’s on the New York Time’s bestseller list. Find a book that speaks to you.

New Year Resolution #12: Cultivate Curiosity

Curiosity is a wondrous thing. It drives us to seek out answers and make new discoveries. Curiosity keeps our minds active, young, and engaged with the world around us. And, curiosity keeps our hearts open to new ideas and unexplored possibilities. The next time you have an “I wonder…” moment, don’t close yourself off to that idea or pursuit of knowledge. Dare to follow that path or train of thought, and see where it leads.

New Year Resolution #13: Spend Time in Nature

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

After you spend time in nature, do you feel less worried and more optimistic? There’s a reason for that. Science has shown that just looking at natural scenes stimulates areas of the brain associated with happiness and balance. So this year, connect with nature whenever you have the chance. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a moment of appreciation for a beautiful oak tree in the city, you’ll reap the benefits. Along with the science of it, we love how nature reminds us that simplicity can be profound and that true beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

New Year Resolution #14: Tackle a New Challenge

There’s nothing like a good challenge to breathe life and true confidence into your spirit. Whether it’s running a marathon or pitching a great idea to your boss, challenge yourself in a new way. Muster the courage to take that first step and dare to do something beyond your comfort zone. If you fall, don’t crawl back in defeat. Simply get up and keep moving forward. Every true and worthwhile challenge is made up of mini failures and successes along the way. Don’t trade in your ultimate success for a temporary defeat!

New Year Resolution #15: Make Every Day Count

Life is a gift. We don’t know how many days we’ll spend on this earth or what those days will hold. But we can make a conscious decision to invest every day in meaningful pursuits. At the start of this year, evaluate how you spend your time. Are your activities and pursuits in line with your values? Are they bringing you closer to something that truly matters to you?

New Year Resolution #16: Put on your party dress and dance!

Sometimes, after a long week at work, we just feel like curling up and watching Netflix. But this year, we’re make a point of getting dressed up and having a fun night out. Whether it’s dinner with friends or a fun concert, find an excuse to do something different. When you put yourself in a new environment, you can dare to see yourself in a new light.

New Year Resolution #17: Watch the Sun Set

Every day there is a masterful display of artistry and wonder in the skies. Yet, with our hectic schedules and never-ending responsibilities, we tend to ignore sunsets and other majestic moments in our lives. This year, make time to watch the sun set and begin to acknowledge and honor every beautiful moment in your life.

New Year Resolution #18: Make Space for Your Best Life

How do you spend your days? Is there anything you’re doing simply because it’s “expected” or it’s “what you’ve always done”? Take stock of your life. If there is anything that does not build you up as a person, honor your values, or further your purpose, get rid of it! That includes thoughts, habits, activities, possessions, and harmful relationships. This one takes courage, but you are worth it and you have what it takes!

New Year Resolution #19: Breath deeply

Somehow breathing deeply connects us to our true selves in a way that nothing else can. Inviting the fullness of life into the present moment helps us be more present as it washes away our stress. Begin to breath deeply, especially in stressful or overwhelming situations, and you’ll find the clarity of mind and purpose to conquer any challenge you face.

New Year Resolution #20: Smile More

Kids smile 400 times per day. Adults? Just 14. Adults miss out on more than childlike joy when they keep a stern expression. They’re also missing out on some major health benefits. Smiling releases endorphins (neurotransmitters that make us feel happy) and reduces levels of cortisol (aka “the stress hormone”). So be an “intentional smiler.” Find reasons to smile and laugh, take yourself less seriously, and carve out time to laugh with your pals (or at least watch a blooper reel or two). This is your year to smile more and invite a joyful spirit into your life!

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Cutest Christmas Cake Pops

Fancy Christmas Cake Pops

Cutest Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas cake pops are oh so good. They’re sweet, beyond adorable, and pull double-duty as dessert and a lovely centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table. From snowmen (and snow-women!) to reindeer cake pops, these treats are full of Christmas cheer. Here’s our favorite Christmas cake pops that are sure to make your season merry & bright!


Hot Cocoa Christmas Cake Pops
Photo Credit: D&D Sweets

Hot cocoa and Christmas seem to go hand-in-hand. That’s why we love D & D Sweets for creating these Hot Cocoa Christmas cake pops. Recipe at Pint Sized Baker

Tip: While they’re adorable on their own, we envision these Christmas cake pops in a sea of marshmallows and peppermint candies. Just place a block of foam in a long rectangular vase, poke the Christmas cake pops into the foam, and fill the vase with mini marshmallows and peppermint candies. Instant whimsy for your Christmas dinner table!


Fancy Christmas Cake Pops
Photo Credit: Pint Sized Baker

With a little sparkle and cute-as-can-be bows, these Christmas cake pops are elegant enough for your classy soiree. These Christmas cake pops will look especially lovely on your Christmas dinner table surrounded by fresh evergreen branches & gold ornaments. Recipe at Juggling Act Mama


Snowmen Cake Pops-Christmas Cake Pops
Photo Credit: Niner Bakes

With their sweet accessories and cheeky smiles, these snowmen cake pops make lovely, heart-warming Christmas gifts for coworkers and neighbors.  And want to know a little secret? These Christmas cake pops only take 20 minutes to make! Recipe at Niner Bakes


Reindeer cake pops
Photo Credit: Bakerella

If you love classic Christmas movies like we do (we have Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on replay), these reindeer cake pops are sure to add a dose of Christmas cheer to your day. We think the noses on these reindeer cake pops are as cute as a button! Recipe at Bakerella

Tip: Display these with a candy-laden little sleigh as the centerpiece for a kid-friendly Christmas dinner table.


Christmas Cake Pops - Stockings
Photo Credit: Bakerella

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there… – ”A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore

Okay, so we may eat these sweet little stockings before they make it to the chimney 🙂

Tip: Use these Christmas cake pops to indicate guests’ seats at the Christmas dinner table. Simply write each guest’s name on the stockings with an edible ink pen. Then tie on some cheery Christmas ribbon for extra sparkle at each place setting! Recipe at Bakerella

We hope these whimsical Christmas cake pops will spark wonder and delight in your hearts as you celebrate the season!

Warm wishes for a beautiful Christmas and holiday season,

Your Friends at Sweeten the Day - Desserts Delivered